Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vit organics, Soho

I must lay bare now the fact that I am a die-hard carnivore. With this out of the way, may I introduce you to.....

VitaOrganics, Soho
(photo and review here)

74 Wardour Street, Soho
W1F 0TE London
tel: 0207 7348986

Mon-Sat 12am-11pm
Sun 12am-9pm

Vita-organics (V-O) is a delightful little cafe/diner in Soho. It's hidden at the bottom of Wardour Street, just off of Oxford Street. I probably wouldn't have discovered it if it hadn't of been for the 'Vegan London' website, despite the fact I have visited a music shop in the same street any number of times. V-O is

V-O serves food by the scoop, and the price varies by the time you visit, so eating in the evening is more than during the lunch period. You pay a service charge of £1 for a box to eat out or £1.80 for a plate to eat in, and then buy food by the scoop. All of this was patiently explained by the gentleman behind the counter despite the fact it was written in large letters on the wall behind him.

The menu is basically in front of you, large bowls of various dishes, and included vegan mushroom stroganoff, black bean magic, lentil dhal, rainbow chakra lentil, soups, spiced chickpea stew and vegetarian mousaka. There were many others, and there was a good range of both hot and cold foods.

The beverage list is also HUGE. Every type of soy and nut milk seemed to be available too, and vegan cream based iced lattes/frappa's. I am VERY excited.

I had vegetable biryani, black bean magic (with tofu) and another vegetable side dish that involved broccoli, cooked to perfection. I have never experienced a tofu based dish that I have wanted more of. And more. And more....

There were two things I particularly loved:
- I choose anything I liked off the menu without worrying too much what was in it. V-O avoids

Added sugars
Genetically modified food
Dairy products
Hybridised wheat
Processed salt
Artificial chemicals
Heated fats

-That I left knowing I had had a filling and nutritious lunch. And man, was it tasty! My only complaint was the fact that there was only one toilet, which is hidden in the basement, meaning I had to ask if it about its existence.

Service charge: £1.80
Three scoops of nom: £3
Freshly pressed apple juice: £1.80 (Drinks started from 80p)

Perfect food for a wet, autumny day.

Nom nom.

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