Friday, 16 January 2009

Cupboard cooking

For various and varied reasons, I have recently re-discovered 'store-cupboard' cooking. This means cooking a main meal just with stuff you have in storage, and I was blessed to grow up with a mother who taught me the importance of a well-stocked larder.

I bought a tin of campbell's condensed mushroom soup some time ago, after realising it was a sauce component in many US recipes. As I happened to have noodles and tuna in the cupboard, I decided to try a new recipe:

Tuna noodle casserole
Serves 2-4
Prep: 15 min Cooking: 20-30 min

1 Tin tuna, drained (preferably chunky type)
1 Tin condensed mushroom soup
2 packets instant noodles or equal amount of egg noodles
1 Tin mushrooms
1 slice bread
1-1 1/2 inch square of cheese

Pre-heat oven to Gas mark 6
1. Put noodles on to boil; drain tuna and mushrooms.
2. Drain noodles. Mix together soup, tuna, mushrooms. Add 1/3 tin water and mix well.
3. Put mixture into shallow oven dish. Crumble bread over top. Grate cheese over the top.
4. Cook in oven, on top shelf, for 20-30 minutes until top in golden and cheese has melted.

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