Friday, 17 July 2009

If 'Cleanliness' is next to 'Godliness', you obviously don't know your ABC......

Some of us in our house struggle with keeping it clean. Some more than others.

Living in my current house is still much better than when I shared as a student; the Korean lads are pretty clean and tidy. I shall try and get a photo of the post-it above the hob: "Please keep clean, I'm begging you!!!" This is from one of the boys, not me. I guess it's one way of employing new vocabulary.

The general rule is that you clean up after yourself as soon as possible. I do my washing up, and occasionally other peoples. It's a great way to bless my brothers and sisters in Christ. But I'm not very organised, so there are days when I rush doing it before work so it isn't in the way all day, and so run out of time to eat brekka. Not so good.


  1. Very topical blog here. My room has been notoriously untidy for as long as I can remember. Finally started tidying it properly a couple of days ago, even sending those bits of scruffy furniture that were only used for dumping things on, down to the tip, and today I was able to reward myself with the smallest desk Staples could provide, squashed in between the dressing table and the bed. I've lamented the lack of a desk since I moved home. I'm hoping to use it for good purposes - actually writing, and having quiet Bible-reading times while I eat my breakfast. The dining table was not very good for that as people are coming and going and I fell out of the habit. :(

  2. ha ha, I don't understand the sign but I like it!



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