Friday, 9 July 2010

Project work

Things are rather disorganised at the moment. My laundry basket seems bent on world domination, despite my attempts at appeasement. I've just put a load in so I'll have some clean uniform for work, and my only pair of jeans that really fit me.

As always, I have a number of projects on the go; I do so love a good project. I'll just mention a couple.

The material for the young people's summer camp I'm attending as a leader, Contagious, looms over everything. My friend Anne has kindly been helping myself and my friend Janin go through the book of Revelation on Wednesday evenings to prepare. It isn't as complicated as I thought it was; a lot of the symbolism is quite straight-forward, and a good deal the book is drawn from the books of the old and new testament. It's a summery of God's grand plan and the conclusion really of the Bible, which makes sense as it explains what will happen when Jesus comes to judge the world. The school that we use for the week is set in the most beautiful grounds:

I'm doing some Biblical Greek on the side, though I've rather neglected it this week. So far I've just about go the hang of the alphabet, and have learnt my first few words. I've also managed to set windows up so I can use a Greek font if I want to, though as yet I can't get online software to display it in my web browser.

ῤαββι Δαωιδ και Ἰακοβ

The trumpet continues well; I'm still loving my lessons, and my teacher Tristan continues as laid back and patient as ever. I'm working through a book of duets byPhilip Sparke which is surprisingly difficult (surprising in that it doesn't look hard). The rhythms are hard, which as timing was never was my strong point, is really good for me. I'm also learning Dave Brubeck's piece, 'Take Five'. Fiendishly hard, freakishly fast in places. I love it. Learning a difficult piece you love and admire is a bitter sweet experience. Your love for it is what gives you the motivation to learn a piece far harder than you'd generally play. The other side of the coin if you're anything like me, however, is the desperate desire to get it perfect and do justice to the composer and artists. Can you see now why I need such a laid back teacher? Dave Brubeck though. Wow. I could talk about that guy's music all day.

But for your sake, I won't.

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