Sunday, 11 July 2010


Isn't rest wonderful?

I woke up this morning and it took me a few minutes to realise that it was my day off. And I smiled to myself. After an exhausting week, I really appreciated it. I really take it for granted that we in the UK are entitled to at least one day off a week. Some of my American friends have told me they commonly worked 6 days a week before they moved to the UK. I'm not thankful enough for my my rest days, but today the Lord has humbled me, and helped to realise what I have.

Some people struggle with sloth. Other's work too much. I fall in the middle. I do so much that I'm then too tired to do much at home. I think I should probably have more respect for the guidance of my Lord who knows my propensity to become a workaholic. I'm making more of an do less.

Don't laugh! It's really hard when you haven't done it for a number of years! Well- not since school anyway.

A major if belated improvement.

The weather has been very hot this week, yesterday it was around 30 degrees C. I spent much of the day running round a poorly air-conditioned building and in a humid kitchen scrubbing pots. The temperature was high, and emotions ran higher.

Today I woke to a blue if gradually clouding sky, and a light breeze. What a relief. Only yesterday my colleague and I commented on the need for rain. But the weather here changes very quickly.

All in forty minutes. But God, please can the rain wait until after the church picnic?

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